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Domain Name

Domain Name

At first, the computer has been connected to Host that link to Internet Network and identified by IP Address and not repetitive with any other computers. But IP Address is combined with a lot of numbers and it's hard to remember. So "Domain Name System" has been formed to instead of IP Address.
Domain names are used in various networking contexts and application-specific naming and addressing purposes.

Domain Name is very important for running your business on the Internet. It's the first step to let people can get any informations you want to present them by online. It's like Trademark of your business. Nowadays the .COM is most popular to register because it's world wide and easy to remember.

Standard rules for Domain Name Registration

  • a-z, 0-9 and "-" (hyphen) is available for Domain Name.
  • Cannot use "_" (underscore) for Domain Name.
  • There must be at least 3 characters but not more than 63 characters in one Domain Name.
  • You cannot change the name of domain name after it has been registered.
  • You cannot move domain name to new Registrar within 60 days counting from the first day that domain name has been registered.
  • Expired domain cannot be moved to new Registrar, you need to renew domain name at least 1 year before transferring.

Things you should know about Domain Name before register

  • Domain name you want to register maybe taken, you should think of many names in your mind.
  • Domain name should show the meaning of your website.
  • Ambiguous domain name is not recommended.
  • Domain name should not be too long because it's hard to remember.
  • Make sure that your provider can give you Domain Management details because you can modify Domain Name's whois information or Name Server by yourself all the time.

Things you should concern about Domain Name after registered

  • Make sure that you properly receive your Domain Management details from your provider.
  • Email Address in the part of Registrant Contact and Administrative Contact is very important, Registrar will identify whether you are owner of domain name or not from Registrant Contact Email or Administrative Contact Email.
  • Make sure that whois information of domain name is completely your details. WHOIS check.
  • To prevent your domain name be stolen, make sure that status of your domain name is 'LOCKED' or 'clientTransferProhibited'
  • We recommend you to use complex password or hard to guess for your Domain Management login to prevent someone can access it.