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Privacy Policy of Yourconnect.com

    Yourconnect.com has created this privacy policy. To protect personal information Of all users (Personal Information) contacting the website of Yourconnect Co., Ltd., therefore

Collection of personal information

Use of personal information

Right to control your personal information

    For the benefit of maintaining your privacy. Has the right to choose to use or share your personal information Or may choose not to receive any information or marketing materials from the Yourconect Co., Ltd by simply filling in the request to notify the Yourconect Co., Ltd on the webpage https://yourconnect.com

Security for personal information

    For the benefit of securing and securing your personal information, the website has set up internal regulations to determine the right to access or use your personal information. In order to protect the confidentiality and security of certain important information the Yourconnect.com has provided a secure communication channel for such information by encrypting the data using Secure Socket. Layer (SSL) protocol. Yourconect Co., Ltd website uses DigiCert SSL.


Privacy policy updates

    Yourconnect Co., Ltd. may update or amend the privacy policy. Without notifying you in advance for the suitability and efficiency of the service. Therefore, the Yourconect Co., Ltd recommends that users read the privacy policy every time they visit or visit, or use the service from the website https://yourconnect.com to follow the privacy policy and contact Yourconect Co., Ltd

    in case you have any questions, Send Suggestions or comments yet. About the policy Privacy Or compliance with this Privacy Policy. The Yourconnect.com hears questions. Listen to suggestions. And all feedback Which will be beneficial for further improvement of the service of Yourconnect Co., Ltd. . You can contact the Yourconnect Co., Ltd. on the webpage http://www.yourconnect.com