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Domain Name Transfers

       Domain name owner who want to change from current registrar to new registrar must take a process at least 30 days before the expiration date because there is a procedure that will take time. Mostly it will take 5-7 days starting from the first day domain name proceed to transfer.

       After domain name transferred successful, besides that your domain name change to the new registrar, the expiration date will be extended 1 year. For example, your domain name will expire 01 April 2019, you should start domain transferring process before 01 March 2019 or not over 10 March 2019. When the transferring process is done, your domain name will be expired 01 April 2020.

       A little condition about domain transferring is your domain name have to registered not less than 60 days. In case domain name renewal, you also need to wait at least 60 days before starting the process, otherwise the Registrar may not allow you to do that.

Please note that Domain Name Transfer is not affect to website access or email usage. It's just change Domain Name Registrar.

There are 2 types of Domain Name Transfer

1. Different Registrar Transfer    : This type of domain name transfer will take many days, at least 5-7 days. There will be a process between current registrar and new registrar, and use some private information like Authentication Code of domain name to complete the transfer process. You can ask for this code from your current domain provider otherwise the transfer process will never be able to start.

2. Same Registrar Transfer    : There is a chance that you change your Domain Name Provider but be with the same registrar. This type of domain name transfer will a shorter time than the other. The domain name provider you will transfer to can check if your current registrar is the same. And then they will ask some information to start the process, that depends on which registrar.

Something you need before starting Domain Name Transfer
This is refer to the different registrar transfer.

  • Check your domain name expiration date. There will be a process between current registrar and new registrar, you should make sure that domain name will not be expired before the process is done. We recommend that you should start transferring process not less than 30 days before expiration date.
  • The status of domain name has to be unlocked or active. Usually domain name will be locked in the reason to protect domain stealing. You can ask your provider to unlock it.
  • You must have Authentication Code of domain name to complete the transfer process. You can ask for this from your domain name provider.
Domain Name Transfer procedure
1. You have to give us domain name you want to transfer and Authentication Code of domain name to start the process.

Please note that you cannot change any detail of domain name information or name server during transfer process.

2. After starting transfer, the process will take about 5-7 days to complete, depends on which registrar.

3. After transferring successful, you will receive the detail of Domain Management and you can login to modify any detail of domain information.

Included with your domain


DNS Management

Manage your domain easily via your account. Once logged-in select your domain to manage all aspects of it.

Easily manage:

  • Nameservers
  • Transfer lock
  • WHOIS information
  • Privacy protection

Privacy protection

Manage the privacy on your domain by purchasing privacy protection. This will replace your WHOIS data with dummy data.