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EssentialSSL Certificate

      Secure your website in a matter of minutes with the trusted brand in the market. The COMODO brand will assure the visitor who still hesitate to make a transaction with your website can be secured.

       EssentialSSL Certificate can secure cover just the main domain. If you also want to cover unlimited sub domain with a single certificate, you may be interested in EssentialSSL Wildcard to be one of your option.

      EssentialSSL Certificate protection model

  •    yourdomain.com, www.yourdomain.com / sub.yourdomain.com

More Information

SSL Features
Validation Type :     DV
Issuance :      Minutes
Reissue :      Unlimited
Server Licensing :     Unlimited
SSL Features
Green Address Bar :     NO
SAN Support :     NO
Wildcard :     NO
Warranty :      $10,000

SAN Support details

1 Year Price (Baht) 2 Year Price (Baht)
2,100 3,700 Order
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